schütte Honey GmbH & Co. KG

About us

Honey is a unique and untreated food that is at the centre of our trade on a day-to-day basis. Our business is based on the work of bees – and of many beekeepers around the world, of course – and we strive to find interesting sorts of honey in remote parts of the world and bring them to our European markets. As a globally established honey importer and wholesaler, we supply the European honey bottling industry and the food industry with unprocessed and untreated beekeeper honey from all production countries in the world.


To do this, we have focussed on close cooperations with many beekeepers and buyers in honey-producing countries over the years, with a focus on Latin America and Eastern Europe. Thanks to our own quality controls in producer countries as well as in our own production facilities, we focus on only buying the best quality and implementing new analytical requirements proactively and in due time.


Our extensive market knowledge and years of experience, our short delivery times and competitive prices allow us to remain a competent advisor and partner for our customers.

Good reasons

Quality and safety

The quality of our honeys is of great importance to us. To ensure that our customers receive the purity of the natural product according to the German Honey Regulation and the European Directive on Honey, we rely on quality assurance at the source, on-site quality assurance in our in-house honey quality laboratory and on a close cooperation with leading independent accredited laboratories throughout the world.


Thanks to a stringent control and quality management system as well as our work according to the latest methods of analysis, we have been certified according to the IFS Food (International Featured Standard) for many years, thus indicating our constant focus on the high quality of our merchandise without any contaminant residues. Organic and kosher versions of our honey are also available.


When it comes to the production of honey in producer countries, we rely on ecological and sustainable development and the free and fair trade of goods. We focus on the responsible trade of finite resources and keeping the flora and fauna intact. We purchase our honey from certified beekeepers, thus ensuring the authenticity of our products.


More than a century of tradition in the honey market, our company expertise, experience and reliability as well as our long-standing business relationships with our European customers and suppliers from all over the world have allowed us to become established as an important and valued market player. We will continue these traditions for the benefit of our customers.

Product range

Despite the seasonal character of the sources of nectar in the various production countries, we offer our customer goods of a consistently high quality. Our range of products covers all qualities available on the worldwide market, such as specialities of Latin America (Yucatan honey, Mexican highland honey or mesquite honey). We also trade a wide variety of monofloral and multifloral honeys as well as customer-specific mixtures of selected honey sorts and baker’s honeys. Products are either produced conventionally or organically and available in different container sizes. This allows us to focus on our customers and their satisfaction at all times, along with our price competence.


We purchase our honeys from the most beautiful honey-producing regions worldwide, where untreated honey meadows and forests provide the perfect conditions for the work of beekeepers. In particular, we are thinking here of the Mexican Yucatan half-island and the Chilean delta of the Andes or the almost endless pastures in the Argentinian pampa. Our procurement is based on cooperations with large beekeeping businesses as well as a close collaboration with our buyers in major honey-producing countries.


Our long-standing cooperation with our suppliers in Mexico, Salvador, Guatemala, as well as in the major production countries of South America – Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay – and in Eastern Europe and Asia have led to the creation of a successful global supplier network and the development of reliable sources of supply. Our own subsidiaries in Romania and Bulgaria are also actively involved in procurement.

JGS – Quality through Tradition